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Our Firm provides a unique work environment due to our combination of a large firm legal practice in a small firm setting. Our large firm practice means we have an established client base which provides important, interesting and professionally rewarding work. It also allows us to practice in a broad range of practice areas, including complex litigation and large corporate and transactional work usually reserved for much larger firms.

Our Firm’s small size provides an opportunity for the lawyers to experience a variety of different practice areas and to develop new practice areas of their own. We are able to operate without any departmentalization or bureaucratic organizational structure, so no one gets stuck in a practice area that they do not enjoy. The working environment allows each lawyer to find the practice areas that are most professionally and personnaly rewarding to them, thereby enabling them to perform at their highest level. Being small aso gives every lawyer the opportunity to have a great deal of input in Firm-wide decisions and management, which is critical to running an efficient business. The sense of camaraderie and the willingness to assist each other in our common goal of serving our clients’ needs is strongest in a small firm such as ours.

People interested in working for the Firm should contact Ryan Luna.  For information about our Summer Associate Program, please click here.

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