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Corporate and Business Transactions

  • Attorneys in the Firm’s Corporate and Business Transaction practice group regularly represent clients in modern corporate and commercial transactions
  • Our Alabama corporate attorney practice area creates, maintains, reorganizes, liquidates and dissolves corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, joint ventures and professional corporations and associations
  • Our Alabama corporate lawyers also administer acquisitions and mergers and effect corporate structural changes among stockholders, partners, and other business owners
  • Our business lawyers in Alabama also have significant experience in the resolution and litigation of business and corporate disputes
  • The Firm’s services include:
    • Providing full advisory and other legal services related to corporate acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures
    • Formation, management and dissolution of corporations, joint ventures, limited liability companies, partnerships and other legal entities
    • The negotiation of contracts and the buying and selling of ownership interests in businesses
    • Franchises and distributorships
    • Negotiation of all types of commercial loans
    • Buy/sell shareholder agreements
    • Succession planning for businesses
    • Providing legal opinions in connection with multi-state transactions



James B. Newman, Robert H. Rouse, John T. Dukes, Charles R. Mixon, Jr., Leslie G. Weeks

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